Redefining the landscape of access to opportunity by unlocking the $28T global economy

Empowering Women and Minority Leaders through Data-Driven Solutions


 At Empowering a Billion Women (EBW) Worldwide, Inc., we are committed to unlocking the potential of women and minority leaders around the globe. Our innovative data-driven solution aims to connect these leaders with corporations and capital partners, facilitating access to contracts and capital. This initiative not only fosters economic empowerment but also addresses critical national and global security concerns. 

The Economic Potential

McKinsey & Company has highlighted the significant economic impact of fully empowering women, estimating a potential $28 trillion boost to the global economy. Currently, the access of women to contracts and capital is limited, a gap our solution aims to bridge. By leveraging data analytics and strategic partnerships, we can enhance the visibility and opportunities for women and minority entrepreneurs, driving substantial economic growth.

How our Solution Works

Our platform integrates advanced data analytics to identify and match women and minority leaders with suitable corporations and capital partners. This matchmaking process is underpinned by a comprehensive database that includes detailed profiles of leaders, their capabilities, and potential opportunities.

Here’s how we achieve this:

  1. Data Collection and Analysis:  We gather extensive data on women and minority leaders, including their skills, experiences, and business needs.
  2. Matching Algorithm: Our proprietary algorithm analyzes this data to connect leaders with corporations and capital providers looking for diverse partnerships.
  3. Ongoing Support and Development: We offer continuous support to ensure these leaders can effectively leverage new opportunities and build sustainable business relationships.

Impact on Economic and Social Progress

By increasing access to economic opportunities for women and minority leaders, we contribute to broader social progress. Our solution addresses existing disparities, promoting a more inclusive and equitable economic landscape.

In particular, EBW’s work combats ‘Relative Depravation Theory’- a key element that destabilizes economies worldwide. Addressing and bringing sustainable solutions to RDT at the core of work that we do with The State Department through Embassies across the globe. This inclusion not only drives economic growth but also strengthens social cohesion and resilience to build more prosperous, inclusive and safe economies.

National and Global Security Implications

The empowerment of women and minority leaders is crucial for national and global security. The U.S. State Department’s International Cyberspace and Digital Policy Strategy emphasizes the need for digital solidarity and the importance of harnessing technology for the benefit of all humanity.

Our initiative aligns with these strategic goals by:

  1. Enhancing Economic Stability: Empowered women and minority leader contribute to economic stability, reducing poverty and fostering sustainable development.
  2. Promoting Social Cohesion: Inclusive economic growth helps mitigate social tensions and conflicts, fostering peace and stability.
  3. Strengthening Digital Resilience: Our data-driven approach enhances the digital capabilities of women and minority leaders, aligning with the U.S. strategy to build resilient and trusted tech ecosystems (Lawfare Media)​​ (USCIB)​.


EBW Worldwide, Inc. offers a timely and effective solution to unlock the economic potential of women and minority leaders worldwide. By connecting these leaders with corporations and capital partners, we not only drive economic growth but also contribute to social progress and global security. We urge policymakers and stakeholders to join us in advancing the potential to achieve significant national and international objectives as key partners as we forge ahead to safer, more secure, prosperous economies.


Debbie Braden, VP of Communications, EBW Worldwide 


Photo attributions: “Hand Shake – Man and Woman” by amtec_photos licensed with CC BY-SA2.0.; “Polygonal, technological elements” background designed by Harryarts/Freepik